Reader Question: Which Gocco Should I Buy?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

After this post about cleaning screens I had a reader question about which type of Gocco is best for wedding invitations.  This article from Zakka Zakka gives a good run-down of the types of Goccos available on ebay etc. and what the differences are.  Essentially it boils down to three things: size, registration and cost.  There are 2 different sizes of Gocco: small and large.  Well, there are a few "mini's" out there but I have never seen screens available for that size so I would not recommend the mini to anyone.  The small Goccos print an area sized 3.5X5.5".  The larger size Goccos print around 9X11".  Smaller models don't have registration attachments built in.  Larger models do.  Smaller models use less expensive supplies than the larger models (see this post for examples.)   Small Goccos are also cheaper outright, because of the original retail prices.  One last option for wedding DIY'ers is to commission a seasoned printer on ETSY's alchemy page.  You can still design the invites, but someone who knows what they are doing can do the printing for you.  Just a thought.  I hope that clears up the mystery a little.  Good luck, "Bride Dana"-and happy wedding.

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