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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do you believe in luck?  I sortof don't but I've had a really lucky week so far.  I won 4 mini-prints from the wonderfully talented photographer Alicia Bock through her blog contest. I got 2 "prizes" this weekend at a silent auction.  I mean I had to pay for them but still-humor me on that one.  I received fun packages in the mail each day for the card swap.  I know they're not all for me but it still felt like Christmas every day and this girl loves getting packages in the mail. Finally and most importantly, I received loads of good news about a project I'm working on (more details later.) So....to share the love, I thought I'd offer a freebie of my own.  Up for grabs is any one item of your choice made with Gocco in my etsy shop.  To enter, leave a comment stating 3 things: 1) Which Gocco'd item you would pick-make sure it is tagged with the word Gocco 2) Whether or not you believe in luck 3) One or more ways in which you've been lucky recently, even if you don't believe in it.  I'll pick at random next weekend.  Good luck!


Nicole said...

I'd pick the Birch Perch Gocco Print. It's gorgeous and matches my bedroom perfectly!

I do believe in luck, but really haven't been having any lately. These past few months have been kind of unpleasant, to be honest. It's been so long since something lucky has happened that I really can't think of anything.

Anonymous said...

1. i'd pick the lovely knot love gocco print in cream!
2. i do believe in luck!
3. i was lucky this weekend when my fiance and i had our parents in town for their first meeting since we started dating 4 years ago! the weather was great, the food was perfect, and they all actually like each other! if that isn't lucky i don't know what is!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I love your Bird Perch Gocco print. I had never heard of gocco until today and I'm glad I did. :)

Hmmm....I wanna say I don't believe in luck, but I have a Mom that wins something almost every time she enters a contest or buys a raffle ticket. We are trying to get her to buy lotto tickets. ;)

I feel lucky to be meeting so many great people through my new blog. I've been so fortunate (lucky) to be able to interview photographers from France, Argentina, and Italy and even have an interview with Holly Becker on Wednesday. :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog this morning, Katie. Wish I had gotten to know you through our e-course.....I guess it's never too late, huh?

katie said...

1-i love the knot love print!
3-i am lucky to have such a loving husband & family - it's better than winning the lotto. the biggest prize i ever won was a tv during a work christmas party raffle several years ago.

Rachel said...

1. definately knot love print
2. yes without a doubt!
3. I've had a very lucky life...I have great friends, a fantastic hubby and a great family. I also have two really cool dogs.

littlebluebirdie said...

1. Another lover of the knot love print!
2. luck is such a tricky concept to hang on to sometimes..but i have a hard time believing it doesnt exist!
3. well, its been a luck-free couple of months for me lately...but i did just score my own gocco printer after years of wanting one..(haha, ironic, isnt it, that i *can* buy one after they arent being made any more)

oihandbags said...

1. Paisley polaroid
2. I think we make our own luck - you get back what you put out
3. Got lucky last weekend (not that kind of lucky!) when I posted my best golf score ever.

Jodi Renshaw said...

1. I am totally in love with the Knot Love print. I wish I thought of it :)

2. I believe in being ready to allow wonderful things to happen in your life. No luck. No coincidences.

3. I won a giveaway last month on a different blog.

Simon - Papermaking and Bookbinding said...

Love the Birch Perch. Believe in Luck, no, I believe in fate! I was lucky not to lose my wallet today, but that's a long story.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

1. Knot Love print is too cool for school! I love it.
2. I believe that other people believe in "luck," I just call it life.
3. I got lucky at TJ Maxx this afternoon when I found these Hue foot liner things I wear with ballet flats on clearance for $2.99 when they retail for $5.00 - $6.00! And I usually have to mail order them, so I was feeling quite lucky indeed!

Saved.By.Grace.Studios said...

oh wow-what would i pick?!
1. Knot Love Gocco Print
2. No, I don't believe in luck, but I do say lucky duck to people:)
3. I am really blessed with family and friends!

seekingsusan said...

love your gocco printed and handsewn Happy Birthday to Hugh Card

yes! i think luck is one of those things you believe in that something extraordinary could happen to you

luckiest day ever was when we met our adopted son on our wedding anniversary!!

Jami said...

What a great giveaway!

1. I would love the "Knot Love Gocco Print - on the pink paper."

2. I definitely believe in luck!

3. I haven't really been lucky lately.. but I guess I am lucky to always have great people in my life!

J said...

What a great giveaway!

1. I would love the "Knot Love Gocco Print - on the pink paper."

2. I definitely believe in luck!

3. I haven't really been lucky lately.. but I guess I am lucky to always have great people in my life!

J said...

1. I would love the Knot Love print in Pink.
2. I definitely believe in luck!
3. I have been somewhat unlucky lately... but I guess I can't complain... I am lucky to have great people in my life!

Chieko said...

Hi there just found your fun site!

1. Knot Love Gocco Print
2. Yes to luck and blessings!
3. My luck this week came in finding a great yoga place.

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