I have a secret...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have terrible handwriting.  Bad, so bad.  I used to be able to write nicely when I really concentrated.  Now, I feel like my phalanges are shot from years of computer typing and mousing and it's gotten...it's bad.  The way I see it, a career in calligraphy is pretty much not an option for me at this point,  but I so lust over beautiful hand-lettering.  Jane Farr, the calligrapher behind A Place to Flourish is a pen's best friend.  This is a piece she created by hand, then Gocco'd into an amazing wedding invitation for her niece.  A work of art.

Gocco Fix from Jane Hancock

Monday, June 22, 2009

Isn't this shop name clever?  I think I've told Rajshel 3 times now that I really like it.  At least she knows I'm sincere.  I've been wanting to feature her shop and website for some time now. She participated in the swap and gave up some really neat-o cards.  I really dig the way she layers prints.  It adds an interesting look and texture, something that's hard to see in pictures. This Flying Whale Note Card is my favorite Gocco'd item in Jane Hancock's etsy shop.  I never knew a whale could be so darling.  

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

If you participated in the card swap, you should be receiving your completed package soon (if not already)  I really had a fun time putting the packages together (not to mention receiving them in the mail.)  I have a few ideas for future swaps brewing so if you missed this one, stay tuned. 

And the winner is....

Monday, June 15, 2009

...by way of random.org, the winner is ......#1 Nicole, who believes in luck but hasn't had any lately.  Looks like the winds are changing. Yay, Yay, Yay.  Nicole, please get in touch with me at paperdaystudio(a)gmail.com with your address so I can send Birch Perch your way.  Congrats. 

Gocco Fix from Amy Rice

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flickr find.  I must really be into teal lately because it seems like everything I bookmark seems to be this shade of blue.  Transportation also seems to be a theme with bikes, scooters and trailers popping up here and there.  This mixed-media piece, titled "Future on Wheels" is part of Amy Rice's solo show at Art Star Gallery in Philly this coming August.  Aside from Gocco, the piece is made with: acrylic, gouache, collage and antique journal pages.  It is thoughtfully curated in this arrangement on the outdoor wall, just perfect.  

DYI: Masters from Cereal Boxes

Not only are these recycled and inexpensive, they're also cute too. Check out Amy from Craft Chi's tutorial about how she makes her own screens for her Gocco.  Looks like someone has a taste for the sugar cereals. Amy has her own thermal imager but you could buddy-up with a local tattoo artist and see if he (or she) wouldn't mind imaging your screen for a small fee.  Amy sells the screens in her etsy shop, alongside some darling printed tea towels and rubber stamps.  Amy also offers a screen-imaging service for just $2.00.  Looks like someone has a taste for the sugar cereals.  

Gocco Giveaway

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do you believe in luck?  I sortof don't but I've had a really lucky week so far.  I won 4 mini-prints from the wonderfully talented photographer Alicia Bock through her blog contest. I got 2 "prizes" this weekend at a silent auction.  I mean I had to pay for them but still-humor me on that one.  I received fun packages in the mail each day for the card swap.  I know they're not all for me but it still felt like Christmas every day and this girl loves getting packages in the mail. Finally and most importantly, I received loads of good news about a project I'm working on (more details later.) So....to share the love, I thought I'd offer a freebie of my own.  Up for grabs is any one item of your choice made with Gocco in my etsy shop.  To enter, leave a comment stating 3 things: 1) Which Gocco'd item you would pick-make sure it is tagged with the word Gocco 2) Whether or not you believe in luck 3) One or more ways in which you've been lucky recently, even if you don't believe in it.  I'll pick at random next weekend.  Good luck!

Reader Question: Which Gocco Should I Buy?

After this post about cleaning screens I had a reader question about which type of Gocco is best for wedding invitations.  This article from Zakka Zakka gives a good run-down of the types of Goccos available on ebay etc. and what the differences are.  Essentially it boils down to three things: size, registration and cost.  There are 2 different sizes of Gocco: small and large.  Well, there are a few "mini's" out there but I have never seen screens available for that size so I would not recommend the mini to anyone.  The small Goccos print an area sized 3.5X5.5".  The larger size Goccos print around 9X11".  Smaller models don't have registration attachments built in.  Larger models do.  Smaller models use less expensive supplies than the larger models (see this post for examples.)   Small Goccos are also cheaper outright, because of the original retail prices.  One last option for wedding DIY'ers is to commission a seasoned printer on ETSY's alchemy page.  You can still design the invites, but someone who knows what they are doing can do the printing for you.  Just a thought.  I hope that clears up the mystery a little.  Good luck, "Bride Dana"-and happy wedding.

Take Me Home

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do you want to show support for saving gocco?  If so please swipe this cute little badge Jill Bliss created and display it prominently wherever your heart desires.  Don't forget to link it to savegocco.com.  

Stencil Pro Tutorial

Has everyone seen Leslie Hammer's Stencil Pro tutorial linked on the savegocco.com website?  It's a great "gocco alternative" lesson on how to adapt Stencil Pro to P.G.  Leslie is an amazing graphic artist from Oak Park (just outside of Chicago) who specializes in custom wedding invites. She's busy with a etsy shop, a blog, a sister blog and a baby. Whoosh, got me tired just typing and linking all that.  Thanks to Leslie for her sharing the love.