about me

Sunday, September 3, 2006

My first real employment in the visual arts was in the design department of the paper mecca: Paper Source in Chicago making samples and styling products for images used in catalogs and on the website. I took and taught several crafty classes in the stores, which is how I learned the joys of Print Gocco.

After a career move brought my husband and I to Madison, Wisconsin, I continued working in visuals: merchandising clothing and accessories pages and putting together themed assortments for clothing e-tailer Shopbop.com. After the birth of my daughter, I retired from corporate life and opened an online shop of mostly Gocco prints. I was saddened by the possible loss of such a fine contraption so I started this blog and brought back the Save Gocco site to try to keep Gocco around f0r as long as possible. So click around, tell fellow fans your story and most importantly, help of ways to help save Gocco.