Gocco Fix from Cortney Emerson

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I wanted to point out the lovely work of Cortney Emerson. These four "Forest Tale" prints are sold together as a set. They are the perfect mixture of eerie and whimsey. $40 USD. Available in Cortney Emerson's Etsy shop.


Nicole said...

Oh my gosh they're from my FAVORITE decemberists album, "The Hazards of Love"! I recognized Margaret right away, and the rake's children, and forest prince, and his mom... I. Must. Own. These!

Anna said...

hello there, fellow bakery course friend! i saw your tweet on an art exchange, and i there is still spots left, i would love to participate! please do let me know. you can find me at daughterofabaker.blogspot.com
or at

Georgia said...

Im trying to work out what paper I want to print my christmas cards on and I am looking for pretty much this sort of thing. Any idea where one might pick up paper like this?? Please help -I'm stuck!

Art Wall Katie said...

Its "chipboard" sortof like what book covers are made of. The card would have to be flat though, it doesn't bend. Otherwise, I would do a search for "Kraft" cards. Same color, less thick.

Georgia said...

Yeah, thanks. Now you mention it I can see that its chipboard.
Thanks will get searching.

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