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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Okay, this is something I never thought I'd say:  "step right up and get your toys made from used Gocco bulbs."  What the?  I just love people sometimes.   These illuminoid "toys" are made with cast resin bodies around hand-painted bulbs.  They come in sets with fun packaging and no two are alike.  The men behind the madness are Paul Burke and Jon Paul of  It looks like the crazy things these guys make sell out pronto so if you want your own personal pair of illuminoids, you'd better add to cart.  

Update: they're gone :(


Sarah said...

how clever ... and environmentally friendly too.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing.

kat said...

ok, I'm going to ask this :)
but aren't these bulbs, toxic?

On my box of bulbs it says that this product contains a chemical know to the State of CA to cause cancer + birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after use.

Cute they are...but a bit of a scary warning.

PaperdayStudio/Katie Stephenson said...

Yes, I wouldn't give these to a child for use as a "toy" that's for sure. I believe the chemical is lead. I try to never touch them with my hands if possible and I always wash my hands afterwards. Thanks for bringing this up.

Anonymous said...

I sent an open letter to GE V.P. and CEO for their attention.

Hello GE,

I researched and found you used to have GE #5 bulbs in past, but no more. I want you to bring it back and maybe improving cost cheaper production and less on landfills in U.S. I am using Riso Gocco toy screenprint kit that required a old two photo bulbs to make a carbon copy of work. Riso in Japan is stop making these anymore and become increasing difficult to get on hand bulbs. One matched find that can WORKED with GE #5 bulbs for this screenprint kit.

You see, Riso old fashioned bulbs ( two inserted ) can only use ONCE when flashed then toss away. Each time, 2 wasted bulbs will goes to landfills. My wishes is.... if you can bring it back GE #5 bulbs made in USA and that would make us very happy. You will be rich and profitable with it... why? Riso Gocco is very extreme popular in U.S. but we need MORE bulbs. Can you reinvented a better and last longer flash than one time flashed. Say.... your bulbs can be flash 4 times longer than originals. We will BUY it from you and selling it to around the globe. or yet a better idea.... sell it for a limited time.

Thank you,

Pride GE U.S.customer

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