Tips and Tricks--Reusing Screens

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Whaaaaat?  You can't reuse gocco screens," you say.  "Sure you can," I say.  Maybe in the past, you were a bit lazy and careless with layouts on your masters.  You might have--say-- a full screen with just your business card on it.  You've got room for more on that master, mister! Now, of course you will have to say bye-bye to a few more beloved bulbs, but that's better than blowing the bulbs AND the screen, no?  Check out this image from  felt cafe's blog.  She's got plenty of room there for more stuff.   Just arrange foam blocker around what you want to print at the time and nobody will be the wiser.  By the way, that image is part of a great tutorial felt cafe did on how to print with the PG-5.  Read the whole shebang here.  Of note are her prints on felt.  Superb.  


Art and design made by Sophilicious. said...

Hi! So does this mean that you can expose the screens twice? If you know can you please email me at

Art Wall Katie said...

Hi Sophie- The only way to "reuse" them is described exactly in the post.

shereen said...

Would anyone be interested in over 149 builds at 1 buck each

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