Handmade Nation Nod to Print Gocco

Saturday, February 28, 2009

If you haven't seen the opening sequence of the Handmade Nation Movie, please do so now. There's a sweet nod to print Gocco in the beginning.  Represent! (Sorry about that.)  I've probably watched this video 50 times so far.  Each time I see it, I think about how many hours of work went into each part.  The entire segment took 20 hours to film over two days.  I'm kicking myself for missing the premiere in Milwaukee last month.  Definitely going to try my hardest to catch the April 23rd showing in West Bend, Wisconsin.  Carpool anyone?  

Speaking of handmade movies, I'm sooo excited to see Coraline in 3D tomorrow at the Sundance Theatre in Madison.  I highly recommend watching the little preview films on the Coraline website before you go.  My favorite is the ity-bity-hand-knitted-sweater-lady.  The mini catwalk just kills me.  I can't wait to take in every little detail.   Sorry this has nothing to do with Gocco...I digress.  Go handmade!

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