Recycled Gocco Bulb Ornaments

Monday, December 21, 2009

Marlene Watson of Northwoods Studios offered me this image of her recycled Gocco bulbs. She creates these adorable Christmas and Easter ornaments in crafty classes she instructs. When I learned to Gocco, the teacher showed us how to crush the still-warm bulbs in bare hands. If you think that's scary, I've heard another printer claim to crunch them in his teeth, yikes! What do you do with your spent lamps?


Paperelle said...

Cute! I used to glue googly eyes onto the big Christmas tree bulbs, then give them pipe cleaner antlers. Add a red pom-pom nose and voila, reindeer. This takes considerably more talent. I like the texture on Santa's beard.

This is a good idea, I'd hope that the paint seals in the dangerous coating (lead was it?)

Cheryl said...

Aren't they toxic??

Art Wall Katie said...

Yeah, I don't recommend the crushing in hand or crunching with teeth. Wash your hands and all that jazz.

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