Gocco fix from Blancucha

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My friend Sarah of: The Hungry Bambino tipped me off to this artist. Blanca Gomez is the inventor of these darling Gocco-printed images. She lives in Madrid and you can definitely feel a European influence in her work. I could see these little folks being front-and-center in the most charming children's books ever to-be-made. These prints along with the notebook are available in Blanca's etsy shop: Blancucha. Too sweet.


Pretty Neat Designs said...

I love her work, she is so great. I hadn't seen the notebook before. I agree with you, they would make great characters in a children's book.

Dee Beale said...

Really lovely.

Danielle said...

Hi Kate,

I wanted to pop over and say thanks for playing along. A new do good has been posted this morning. I'm having lots of fun with this. Your site is looking so good!

Eric said...

She's a great artist and has some fantastic work.

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