They work! G.E. #5 flashbulbs in action

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm so sorry for this craptastic video but i wanted to show you that my G.E. #5 flashbulbs worked just dandy to image my master.  I've heard you have to use the blue filter every time with the #5 bulbs but I didn't and my print came out just fine.  It is my version of an open screen. I used a riso fine pen and a ruler to make a mesh pattern.  I'll use it for backgrounds and also to print with stencils.  More on that later.  OK, now ebay away!  


cutiepie company said...

woohoo! That's amazing! Thanks for testing that out Katie!

Miche said...

Great news! Thanks for reporting back. I saw in some of the flickr group discussion that the blue GE 5B bulbs also work.

Ella said...

Hi Katie, I'm using the bulbs I purchased from you and they work at a time. First time using my B6 so I'm not sure what is going on! I can only burn half a screen at a time. Ugh. It's clearly not the bulbs, and I've rubbed the ends on cloth, swabbed the metal prongs, replaced batteries and frustrated by now. Have you ever experienced this? Would really appreciate anyone's insight!

Art Wall Katie said...

Hi Ella-
Sadly, you may need a new housing unit. I see them pop up here and there on Etsy/Ebay.

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